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Sparky - 19 years old

Sylvie Davidson

Dear Simple System team, My pony Sparky has been diabetic for the last 2 years and also suffers from Laminitis and Navicular as a result of his diabetes. Our vet recommended that his diet should be changed to feeds such as 'Safe and Sound' and that his grazing and his exercise should be limited too. Regular blood tests have shown that with his Pergolide treatment his diabetes has been under control and sometimes at the top limit of normal, which means that we would have to top up his Pergolide treatment at some point. We have moved to a new yard back in February 2010 and our lovely yard owner Georgina suggested that we start using the Simple System food program ie Lucy Stalks/Metaslim/Purabeet. Sparky who is normally a fussy eater loves the new food and his latest blood test done this June 2010 has shown that his diabetes is completely under control and that the results have improved significantly. Even the vet is impressed. And for Sparky it also means that he can enjoy all the lovely grass in his field and his exercise! As a result my other pony Cracker is also fed the Simple System diet. Thank you very much for your great products!