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Sam Cotton

Sharne is a Selle Francais, 24 years old and has been on the Simple System feeds for the past 6 years. He is fed LucieNuts, Instant Linseed and PuraBeet with a dash of seaweed every so often. My Equine dentist reports his back molars are almost worn to the gums. It goes to show that Simple System feeds are excellent in maintaining condition for veterans. The feed has also ensured he maintains his sparkle, but, not the psychopathic tendencies (that many other brands of conditioning feeds have done to Sharne!) He qualified for the Veteran Horse Society's summer champions. He was being placed 1st and 2nd in many of his classes. He still enjoys his dressage competitions as well and still loves cantering round the country side.I have enclosed a few group shots of the old boy. He is the large dark bay mainly seen on the left. He is still very full of beans!

Feeds used

Cooked full fat linseed, ready to feed. A valuable source of essential Omega 3.


Premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Unmolassed beetpulp pellets - a source of high quality digestible fibre, with no added sugar.


Dried seaweed (Ascophylum nodosum). Naturally concentrated sea minerals in a bio-available & balanced form.