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Sarah Bingham

Before and after pictures of Astra.

Thanks Jane......she really is the Grumpy love of my horse life.  She's 25 now and after a year and a long haul, blood sweat, tears, countless vet bills and blood tests she's 100% well again!  She'll have to have medication for the rest of her life but, it really was her diet that turned the corner in her well-being, as I really thought I was going to lose her!  She looks 100% better than that awful picture I sent you before. That was when she was first diagnosed.....she was skin and bone and it all happened in the span of a month!  Very frightening!


It was all worth it indeed.  She is being ridden again, something I never thought would happen, and is still very much 'on her toes' and a feisty, but very safe ride. It takes me longer to tack her up than ride her! squealing and bucking in her world.  However, she does have a touch of arthritis in her back legs now so it's just a once of week outing to keep it all interesting for her.  And, I walk her out in hand a lot with my dogs, which she loves - surprisingly!


I'll keep with what you advised me originally for her, if it ain't broke then don't change it. I will be ordering the LucieStalks for Alfie and obviously if Total Eclipse is good for both then that's fine and he can just have a few handful's of Astra's soaked.  So, apart from the LucieStalks, I can just order as usual really for the moment, although will up the amount in winter and play it by ear with him.


Thanks again for you and your teams help.............it must be hugely rewarding to see the results, I can understand that.  You all keep it up