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Dashing Mr. Darcy

Sofi Ritchie

Darcy has now been on Simple System feed for about 4 years. We couldn't hack out without him sweating up to such an extent that he would literally be dripping on return home and that was riding him on the road at a walk for about 40 minutes with very loose reins. No hard work was done, but he just got himself in such a state that he couldn't cope well. I contacted Simple System and within 1 week of changing his feed over to Simple System he was a changed horse. He still gets some of the old stress back when the grass is at its richest, but not as bad. I am really grateful to have found such a good feed. Although he didn't want to eat it in the beginning, because he missed all the sugar he used to have in his old feed, he now loves his feed times with Simple System. I can recommend it to anyone; it is so natural and does so much good.