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Nikki (La Femme Nikkita)

Christy Christo

Nikki and I came from Oklahoma in America about eight years ago so we could learn more about dressage. She has always been overweight since she is a draft cross and very much on the lazy side. When my trainer, Sue, told me about Simple System feed I had a look into it and was told that the Red Bag grass pellets would be perfect for her as they would help give her more energy of the right kind. They could even be fed right before riding her so no more worry about riding too soon after eating. They were a miracle right off! She was suddenly forwards like a dream and could go on for ages! And as time passes she gets fitter and her stamina just keeps improving! What's even better, she isn't naughty with Simple System at all like she would be with other high-energy feeds. It's like the Red Bag gives her the fizz without the bang.

Feeds used

Premium 6mm high protein grass pellets, providing all the benefits of spring grass.