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Knockrath Spring

Melissa Eagles

Simple System is for all levels. I'd never heard of Simple Systems until a friend introduced me to it. I have 13 horses ranging from brood mares to grade A showjumpers. I changed across to Simple System and my horses have not looked back since.
My results have dramatically improved with my horses' energy levels staying stable throughout, and at shows their performance is just as good on the last day as it is the first. On the last day while other horses are tired and don't perform so well, mine perform as well if not better. I have tried many different types of feed but my results speak for themselves - since I've been using Simple System, Logan won leading rider at the Internations and the Grand Prix, Causeway's team took home the gold medal, I've won 5 Grand Prixs and won all four leading rider prizes at the shows I've been to. My horses are jumping better then ever with my stallion now competing at 1m30.
Hate to say this but I never thought of using this feed because it seemed to be for those people doing the gentler side of riding! ... Perhaps I shouldn't tell anyone else and keep the advantage!!