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Melford George

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At the East of England last year I put George on the lorry looking great and took him off looking slimmer! I started him on Simple System feeds straight away. It has taken time but on Tuesday we were at HOYS in the SEIB search for a Star Hunters. He looked amazing and Mrs Ramsey commented what good condition he was in. He looked stunning. I can't tell you 'and then he won' because he is what he is, a lightweight sized middleweight with not quite correct confirmation - I can't change that. But he took me there and SS kept him sane and in tip top shape and his coat - well look at the photo. We're off for a season hunting and a spot of light eventing now! I've also sent a before picture

A blend developed for moody mares, stressed & temperamental equines.

Lunar Eclipse - Calming Feed Balancer for Horses
  • Excellent levels of Omega 3
  • Balanced formula without seaweed
  • Rich in vitamin B & magnesium

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