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Celeste Blois

We bought Forest four years ago as a questionable 4-5 year old. It soon became clear that he wind-sucked, wouldn't load, bucked in open spaces, hated humans and found every opportunity to barge and squash us against walls. After lengthy investigations, it became clear that our joyless and angry horse had been pushed from pillar to post. Hunted in Ireland as a two year old, he had then been passed from dealer to dealer; owner to owner (some kinder than others) until he found us. Simple System was one of the major tools to aid his recovery. It allowed us to build up his muscle without him fizzing up. His wind-sucking became less pronounced and finally disappeared altogether. His eyes grew brighter and he began to enjoy his work. He is now a happy, affectionate horse and the picture of health. Natural horsemanship, time and patience has without doubt aided his recovery, but I truly believe that without the benefits of feeding Simple Systems, our journey to this point would have been a far longer one. Thank you, Simple System.