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Hayley Jones

I bought Bounty my ex racehorse mare just over two years ago. Her racing name was Clewer and she came from good breeding. She was only 5 years old and had already been retired from racing as she didn't make the grain (lucky for me) She had no topline and lack of condition and terrible feet when I bought her. I started her on what I thought would be a good diet however She soon went stiff in her back legs. I was advised by a friend to stop any sugars that might be in her feed as her horse had suffered the same with a sugar intolerence. I had to change her diet to a no sugar or molasses diet and instantly saw the improvement. She gained weight, condition and topline and and her spirits lifted with it. We then had terrible trouble with her terrible typical ex racer thoroughbred feet and couldn't get a good farrier to rely upon until we found the one that we have now had for over a year and with plenty of regular remedial shoeing and hoof supplements Bounty's feet are now looking great. Bounty is now seven years old and is like a different horse. She has taken a lot of time to get right but she is most definitely worth it to me and she is in a forever home with me. She is ridden in a snaffle bit and we have built a bond that is based on love and trust. Bounty needed help sorting out some issues that might of been too much work and time for some people but she is a kind and caring mare that tries her best and I love hearing the compliments whilst out riding of how great she looks. To me she has always been and always will beautiful.....