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Lisa Redwin

I bought A J (Angela Jones) in October 2009 – a 2yo ex-racehorse who had only been retired in the August 2009. She came to me in a bad state – very thin and covered in rain scalds and generally fed up with life! I started her on a diet of weight gain mix but this never seemed to satisfy her appetite, she was not gaining weight or healing from the rain scalds and became aggressive at feed times. A friend then recommended I use Simple System and we have never looked back! I re-backed her in the spring of 2010 but she then unfortunately sustained an injury to her right hind hock and had the rest of the year off. I continued to feed her on Simple System LucieNuts, Blue Bag Grass Pellets and PuraBeet as she still needed to gain weight. Not once did she become aggressive or fizzy during her time off work! So far in 2011 we have come on leaps and bounds – she has fully recovered from her injury and now looks fantastic and has even impressively grown from 15hh to 16.2hh in the 2 years I have had her (and still seems to have a bit more to go). All this I put down to Simple System's fantastic products. We completed a 10 mile sponsored ride in May and are having Natural Horsemanship lessons to improve our relationship and generally enjoying a lot of hacking out with a bit of schooling just as any 4 yo should be!  The first two photos were taken in the Summer 2011 and the other two were taken in October 2009.

Feeds used

Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.


Premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Unmolassed beetpulp pellets - a source of high quality digestible fibre, with no added sugar.