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EMW Jimmy

Elaine Tasker

This old ex NH chaser has had a chequered career. Starting off life as a race horse and a fairly successful one with a race card of placings at some of the major tracks across the UK. He was trained at one point by Jonjo O'Neil but then began to fail and found himself on the downward spiral ending up in our charity care during the harsh cold winter of 2005, aged 22 years and in very thin, poor condition. He has been with us ever since but we have had a few blips along the way. He is now coming into his 30th year and like all old horses finds long fibre hard to manage. since putting Jimmy - and one of our other old horses Beau, onto Simple System they have thrived and bloomed. Both are full of energy and Jimmy now has excellent hooves after a terrible time with serious abcessing last year. The soaked fibre allows both oldies to have as much as they want and with added extras such as linseed and beet, they are getting everything their bodies need in an easy and digestible form. We hope they will both be around for many years yet.  The pictures show Jimmy as he is today and how he has changed from when he first came to the sanctuary.