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Alfie Pie

Samantha Hayward

Alfie is a beautiful Haflinger gelding who has been on a calmer since I got him 4 months ago as he was extremely bolshy, bargy and more often than not thought he was entire!  Since Christmas he has been on Simple System's Lucie Nuts and Lunar Eclipse balancer (no calmer) and the change is very noticeable. I used to have to lunge him for 40 minutes before riding him in order to get the fizz out of him - not any more he is an absolute gentleman!  He is perfect hacking out despite not really having had much done with him before. He is even doing well in the school. I am totally amazed at the difference in his attitude he is the typical cuddly pony now and loves his Simple System food choosing it over a haynet any day!  Within a few minutes it has disappeared!  He loves it and I love how well he looks and how calm and confident he is. Thank you Simple Systems - I have now got the a pony even better than the one I thought I bought.

Feeds used

Premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


A blend developed for moody mares, stressed or temperamental equines.