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Nikki Strange

I have over my 35 years in the saddle had the pleasure of owning and riding some fabulous horses and ponies, but Ollie (aka the Black Bullet) has got to be that "Horse of a Lifetime". Ollie is a well bred Black 15hh Welsh Sec D, who it would be fair to say did not have a great start in life. I took him on as a rather difficult riggy seven year old who had done nothing apart from semi broke to harness and trotted up and down lanes. Several people had ridden him but he was adverse to this idea. To cut a long story short I was not going to be beaten by this cocky little devil and I rather liked his fight....I guess all he had ever done was fight. It took a long time and many bruises and scars, but finally Ollie and I new we could be a team. This little horse has been with me through so much, from a barn fire to life saving surgery on both front feet five years ago. Again he is a fighter. We have travelled widely over the UK and been on many great adventures. Even several western holidays. We have a family home in Devon so Ollie has a permanent holiday home ever year on the coast. I am a great believer in "Go Do" and mileage for my horses and that is what Ollie has learnt and had to do. We have competed in many disciplines, being placed at most events including Royal Windsor. I have also Evented him BE. Ollie was born to jump and found this to be his real forte. Sadly five years ago Ollie was diagnosed with Asthma. At first it never was and issue, but over time it started to inhibit what he could do as far as eventing etc... as he would get so breathless. Two years ago at 18 I had to make the decision that we would now just be happy hackers although Ollie, does not do quiet rides!! Now at 20 Ollie is still going strong thanks to a great life style and well balanced diet (Simple System) although we have now just discovered he has diabetes. Simple System have advised me on a slight change of diet and it is wonderful. We are now getting set for two weeks hacking in Devon at the end of July. Diet sorted, Asthma inhaler in pocket...we'll be just fine. Ollie is the most genuine, loveable and characteristic horse I have ever come across....albeit never easy! He is my boy. Love him. x