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Leo (previous racing name Lionel Andros)

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Leo, my 16.2 ex flat racing TB has always been fed a forage only (cereal free) and ad lib hay diet since I've had the pleasure to own him aged 8. He's coming up to 15 years old now and we've had a go at most disciplines over the years as we both enjoy being amateur all-rounders. As he's aged I noticed that that the inevitable tolls of his earlier racing career have started to show...some stiffness in his joints. That, coupled with the lack of grass due to 2 years of bad weather, made me want to rethink his diet in keeping with my cereal-free, keep it simple and natural philosophy. After Jane gave her inspirational "Bucket to Barrow" talk at our High Peak Riding Club I had my answer! Leo is now fed his usual chaff and balancer with soaked Red Bag (spring grass) nuts at the lowest recommended levels along with Joint Eclipse (I doubled the dose for the 1st 6 weeks) and it's as if I've turned back the clock! He's bright and alert, up for any challenge or long distance rides with bags of energy but NOT fizzy or sharp. Just a happier, more supple horse. (For TB owners. I would highly recommend SS grass nuts (Blue or Red bag)...all the natural nutrition your horse needs and that they missed out on in their formative racing years. Grass is Dr Green.) Leo also has a Lucie Brix as a stable toy on the occasions that he can't be turned out. I choose to put my brix in a rubber bucket filled with water so that its not so dry as he bites so hard at it he's in danger of choking on so much dry stuff. My friends horse doesn't have this problem...he nibbles carefully at the brix, it lasts him an hour! Thank you SS

A natural blend to use in addition to a complete diet, for those horses whose joints you wish to support.

Joint Eclipse
  • 100% plant derived
  • Rich in essential Omega 3
  • Suitable for all equines of all ages
  • Compatible with all feeding and management systems

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Premium 6mm high protein grass pellets, providing all the benefits of spring grass, all year round.

Red Bag Grass Pellets - Spring Grass for Horses
  • High quality protein
  • High digestible energy
  • Specifically grown for Simple System

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Premium 6mm high fibre grass pellets, providing all the benefits of summer grass, all year round.

Blue Bag Grass Pellets - Summer Grass for Horses
  • High quality fibre
  • Lower protein
  • Specifically grown for Simple System

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Premium lucerne compressed into 1kg blocks, feed whole & dry to mimic grazing.

Lucie Brix
  • Superior high fibre
  • Convenient
  • Encourages chewing

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