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Rhos Royal Velvet

Roisin Winters

When we first got Rhos he wasn't poor but he looked like a racehorse. His back was very dippy and he had very high withers. It took two saddle risers to get the saddle level. He was a pale chestnut and had white spots on his neck and back. For the first six months we had him he had diahorrea and any cereal feeds made it worse. When my mum started feeding him Simple System he began to improve. Now two years later 21 year old Rhos looks about 10. His diahorrea started to improve almost immediatly after we started feeding him Simple System. His coat began to change colour, his white spots began to dissapear and he started to fill out. His back is practically perfect and his high whithers have gone. Now he lives out in all but the worst weather. That is where he is happiest. This year we are heading for spring 2013 wit Rhos exactly where we want him. Thanks to Simple System!