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Jorge Lee

I bought Marcus as a rising 5 year old, five and a half years ago. Typical to his thoroughbred breeding, no previous form of work and his young age he was lean, lanky with little muscle. After trying different feeds for the first year or so that had little effect I decided to contact Simple System in the search of providing a good quality, balanced diet that would enable him to develop and give him sufficient energy for his work, whilst not getting him to fizzy or excited so that his training was still effective. He has been fed on GreenGold, Lucie Pellets and Total Eclipse ever since. Being a young 17.2hh thoroughbred I was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to settle down into his work and concentrate, but feeding Simple System has meant that he has stayed focused and in return really enjoys his work meaning we could really progress. The advantage of being able to give him a ‘hard feed’ close to the start of his work means he has more stamina which we really notice on the cross country course. I particularly like the prolonged eating time as well as the soaking capabilities as I know he is being re-hydrated. He has recently had to have approximately 18 months off work due to leg injury which again I was concerned about, going from working 6 days a week to none, but he has stayed relaxed and calm throughout. He has also stayed in great condition in the time he has not been worked, as well as some periods of box rest, always appearing as if he was in full work with good muscle tone. During his visits to the veterinary clinic in 2012 for his injury I asked for a gastroscope to be carried out in order to complete his full head to toe ‘MOT’ investigations. It showed a nice healthy lining to his stomach, cementing the fact that the Simple System feeding is keeping all aspects of him healthy. The pictures show the first day I got back in the saddle after his 18 months of no work.

Feeds used

Premium lucerne chop, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Premium 6mm organic lucerne pellets, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


A blend of top quality ingredients for our ultimate forage balancer. Feed all year round to complement forages & grazing.