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My horse Ken, 7 year old thoroughbred, is very nice, calm character that has been difficult to keep weight on during winter. Even though fed twice a day standard conditioning feeds, he was not keeping his weight on. The first 2 pictures are Ken in winter, the second one is actually in april, still not able to put his condition back on. After I found out about Simple System and read the stories here, I contacted the feed line for advice exactly what and how much and since then I would never go back! Ken's temperament stayed the same and within a month he picked his condition back up. I feed him TopNosh, Red Bag Grass Pellets and GreenGold. His stamina is also improved as he used to get quite tired of work, now I have a horse happy to work and calm for hacking around. I would recommend to everyone!

Feeds used

Premium lucerne chop, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones.


Premium 6mm high protein grass pellets, providing all the benefits of spring grass.


A blend of highly nutritious, natural ingredients for a convenient, nutrient rich, top up feed.