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Coisdeel Ollie

Jayne Morrison

Our HOYS story includes Simple System Horse Feed in more ways than you could imagine...
It began on the back of a very successful Royal International when supported at the ringside and with feed advice for a calmer show our beautiful Connemara came 2nd in the hotly contested Open Ridden Class. Then, days after returning and due to the many miles trailing the country in pursuit of the elusive HOYS ticket, with our friends and Producers the NKM Show team, our transport sadly failed. Their horsebox suffered a blown engine and we were left thinking a ticket to HOYS wasn't meant to be. I was explaining our resolve to Gordon Radcliffe our SS Feed supplier and minutes after our call finished he had phoned back with a solution - he and Veronica would tax and put their wagon on the road for us to travel to Warwickshire for the next HOYS qualifier in a few days time.
I was thrilled yet nervous to drive a bigger wagon though I knew I had to take up their very kind offer I left work late on the Thursday evening collected it and drove to the Ponies UK Summer Champs at 5am the next morning. Hetty my daughter and Nicky worked their wonders with Ollie and he definitely rose to the occasion. Pulled in 8th in a big class he executed the set show with perfection then stripped and trotted out with the suppleness and ease his feed gives him. when Ollie was called out in top position and I collapsed with excitement my heart was racing and I really couldn't believe it was real He received his rosette and looked so proud.
It's our first trip to HOYS and a dream for 15 years for Hetty since she started riding. We've so many people to thank for helping our dream come true, family, friends, The NKM Team, Gordon and Veronica who made it possible and Simple System Feed who prove they are much, much more than just a feed company!