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Pat Voisey

This is Rufus, he looks great here, thanks to Simple System feeds. Rufus and I used to go out for about 3 hours most days and he had reached the stage where he was wearing his shoes down very quickly, however, his horn was not growing fast enough, and we were reaching the stage where he could not be shod due to the damage done by the nails. I went on the internet looking for glue on shoes and came across many sites advocating the benefits of barefoot. It sounded good to me. I contacted one of the qualified barefoot trimmers and arranged for them to come and meet Rufus, tell me about barefoot, and hoof boots, which Rufus would need to transition. They explained the importance of diet and exercise and determined that Rufus was metabolically challenged, at the time I was surprised, especially given the work he did, but now, with my newly educated eyes, I can so easily see what they were talking about. I was far too used to overweight leisure and show horses!! They suggested I try Simple System MetaSlim feed, and the rest is history. I have recommended Simple System to many other horse owners over the years and have used MetaSlim with other metabolic ponies that have come to us. So many horse feeds are not good for our horses, some very bad for them; so it is good to know that there is a company whose priority is the horses health and wellbeing.

Feeds used

A balancing feed, specifically designed for those challenged by weight or metabolic issues including those affecting their feet.