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Via Francigena - 49 days & 2,300km

Ann Bishop

I used SimplyComplete on my last pilgrimage and found it to be easy to use and an ideal choice of food for a long distance journey. When I had decided to embark on the Via Francigena the natural choice was Simple System - I had been using Simple System since my return from the St. James Pilgrimage in 2007.

The Via Francigena (‘the way through France’) is a pilgrimage to Rome. I chose to do the pilgrimage with my 3 ponies, Pebbles an Appaloosa, Samson a reg. Welsh C and Captain Jack Sparrow a Gypsy Cob. The pilgrimage is to raise funds to support and care for family/friends who become carers for those with Dementia. One of the biggest misunderstandings with dementia care is assuming that everyone will experience the same things in the same way. Dementia is unique to the individual and will vary its pathway depending on their life history and where the physical damage is located.

We were on the road for 49 days and covered 2300km! Everywhere we went we had only good remarks on the condition of the horses, asking to see the food, smell it - amazed the horses looked so well on only grass and Simply Complete and that they were covering anything from 45 to 60kms a day. The concentration of the food meant I could carry enough bags for the entire journey. They packed easily in the base of the carriage and in the 2 saddle packs on the 3rd pony. With the addition of the convenient Blends and Balancer measuring cup it meant we knew the quantities we were giving each day – no guess work! The pilgrimage was an unknown quantity never knowing what to expect each day where we were going to camp, stop for breaks and water availability. The ease of the food meant we could feed the horses where ever we were.

Thank you so much for your support. The peace of mind knowing the horses were getting the correct food for the work expected of them was invaluable. I can tell you this, the knickers we were greeted with each feed time was very expressive, they knew the sound of the bag being opened!

Ann Bishop
giving by text PPSJ59 to 70070 the amount