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Gemma Lane

Corlando suffered severe weight loss in January 2016, the vets were completely stumped as to the cause. After a couple of weeks he went into equine hospital for further tests where a large blockage was found in his stomach. They flushed this out over 48 hours with coca cola!

They tried him on light food but again his stomach impacted. After getting rid of this one they put him on simple system grass nuts (red) and over the next ten days monitored him for any re-occurrence. After three months of monitoring and him only eating grass nuts I have my lovely boy back and we got the all clear.

As he is doing and looking so well on this the vets have advised, and I agreed to keep him on these for the rest of his life (he is only 16 so could be a while!)

Photos attached.

1. At the vets
2. Enjoying his grass nuts
3. Now