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Debussy & Lola

Lara Murphy

I first came across Simple System feed when it was recommended to me by a friend as I was struggling with my mare who is sugar intolerant. Any molassed feeds are a no, no and she even struggles with the grass in the spring and autumn when it is lush. It took a while to get her balanced and happy in her tummy, however she is happy and thriving on her Simple System diet of Lucie stalks, top nosh and pura beet. Enter stage left Debussy, my beautiful ex-racer. He is very fine and elegantly built and needs a lot of feed to keep him covered. He loves his feeds and has Green Gold, Top Nosh, Blue Bag Grass Nuts and pura beet. I am really happy with their feeding regime and have become a bit of a low sugar / low starch / cereal free evangelist!!