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Aggie and Diesel

Lisa wharram

Aggie and Diesel are brother and sister. I had never had a horse and only ridden when I was younger when in 2010 I was asked by a friend to help as unless she could sell aggie she would be put down. I began working with Aggie learning g things from books and finally backed her using natural horsemanship. This was when I decided that rather than selling her I would keep her. 2 years on, I then brought her brother Diesel as the stud went bankrupt and was putting all horses down. Diesel was only 4 months old. Fast forward to 2016- Aggie has just taught my boyfriend to ride and Diesel was backed a few on the ago. The picture is us on our first trip out all together. Simple systems has been great. The simple complete was great throughput diesel growing up and I know both of mine love simple systems feed