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Benji boy

Lyndsay morris

Benji came to our family at the begining of march this year as a first ridden for my daughters . He came from a so called rescue with a worm count of over 2400 . He was in such poor condition. No muscle no weight and no sparkle to his beautiful eyes . At 17 years old and arthritic i was struggling so much to find a diet that he would thrive on and with obvious signs of previous lami i was at a real loss as what to feed him . Untill i moved to a fantastic livery . Where kath the yard owner who sells your amaizing feeds suggested i started to feed benji lucie nutts . His teeth are poor and quiet honestly my heart ruled my head when i bought this boy .
Since starting him on your feed what can i say our boy is happy . Looking and moving like a younger horse is coat is soft and shiny his feet are strong and healthy and more than anything his eyes sparkle . With love from my girls and a good feed they now have a pony of a life time . Attached are pictures from the day he came to us to present day . I owe so much to your feed the winning this comp isnt important i just wanted to thankyou for helping my boy become the pony i always knew he would be