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Tracy Ryan

Connie is a 12yo, 16hh cob X ISH. We've been a partnership for three years. We compete at endurance and we are barefoot. Simple Systems feed in the form of blue label grass nuts and Lucie nuts ensures that Connie gets all the nutrients she needs as a good doer without gaining weight but also has plenty of energy to cover 20 to 40 kilometres. Also the Purabeet is excellent for rehydration at the end of the ride. It is very important to me that I can provide my equine companion with organic and natural food as I do for myself. Barefoot horses are extremely sensitive to their diet and if the diet is not of the best balance and quality the horse can become footy very quickly. Connie, with the support of Simple Systems is a real rock cruncher. We hope to compete for the Novice Champiobship next year and Connie will be doing it on Simple Systems.