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Shannon gurd

In the 11 years I've loaned/owned bee he's always been a Chunky boy but it's never really affected him but October last year it all caught up with us.

My 20year old, 14.2 hh New forest X was crippled could barely walk all because of
Laminitis. He was on box rest for 2 weeks and responded really well to the Bute and then could go out for an hour a day but unfortunately the yard I was stabled at, the horses were stabled over the winter and the time had come when all the horses came in for the winter.

May 2016, the horses were allowed back out and bee was in heaven, 8 months in his box and he was finally allowed out. I was so so so careful with him but 2 weeks later the laminitis hit again. My friend at the yard mention simple systems food and how well her pony with metabolic laminitis did on simple system feed, I thought why not, it can't hurt right?

I rang simple systems and I spoke to Abbie and she told me the feed I should put bee on and luckily my local feed shop sold it so I went straight round and brought everything I needed.

It's now September 2016, 3 months ago I moved been to a livery yard were he could have restricted grazing. Bee has lost 40-50kg, is turned out all day but comes in overnight and he looks fantastic! I honestly would still be struggling if it wasn't for simple systems, he'd still be on restricted grazing and I would still be battling with his weight. This feed does exactly what it says on the bag! Thank you simple systems, thank you!!!!

The photo just doesn't show the weight lost and what the feed really does!