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Codie and Rosie

Vicky Cullen

I started feeding simple systems food to my elderly ponies - Codie (grey) -25 and Rosie(palomino)- 35 last winter. Since then, they have done incredibly well and look amazing, the best they have looked in a long time. Codie suffers from laminitis and we have previously struggled to find a feed that has no sugar in it, until now! She is also fed Metaslim, which has helped so much with the laminitis. Both girls have teeth issues, so can no longer eat hay. We tried them on Haycare and have never looked back. They both eat all their feed and lick the bowls out afterwards. I can't recommend this feeding system highly enough.

Feeds used

Premium high fibre quick-soaking Timothy grass for horses and ponies unable to eat hay.


A balancing feed, specifically designed for those challenged by weight or metabolic issues including those affecting their feet.