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Ellie's Boy (Hugh)

Deb Howell

Hugh came to live with me in May 2005 after a tendon injury when point to pointing in March. He was suffering from a painful back, nursing a recovering flexor tendon and had NO muscle tone. His previous owners had experienced problems with his feet being "typical thoroughbred feet" and had tried all kinds of supplementation and even glue on shoes, all to no avail. I contacted Simple Systems after reading about their products and from that first contact, I've been delighted with how they've treated me and my horse. Over the past five months, Hugh's condition has improved week by week. He's gained around 50kg to date! My farrier has had no problems whatsoever in shoeing him and he's never lost a shoe! What makes me so happy is knowing that I have a contented, well nourished horse who is eating pretty much as nature intended. He's lost his anxiety around feeding times and is now a much more relaxed and healthy chap. Thanks so very, very much to you all.