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Jo Green

Mouse is a 6 year old ex-racer and, when I bought her at 4 years old, she'd already been eventing and was competing relatively heavily. She was a bit of a 'nutcase' and I decided to take her out of competition and allow her to be a horse again and regain some mental clarity. The first thing I looked at was her diet. I was recommended the Simple System regime by a horse behaviourist and, with Jane's assistance, haven't looked back since. Mouse actually put weight on in the winter and went from a flighty/hysterical 'typical' thoroughbred to a beautifully calm and rational HORSE. I now refuse to believe that flighty behaviour is 'typical' for a thoroughbred and put it more down to an inappropriate, unnatural feeding regime, along with a lack of understanding in terms of their sensitive personalities which they are more than happy to express! If more people looked a little further than entrenched beliefs, maybe they would realise the true nature of their horses. Mouse has improved tremendously. Her coat is beautiful and her true colours have really come through (I never realised she had a very slight dapple before!), she's now going through a barefoot transition and I'm sure this is assisted by the excellent diet she is fed. Thank you Simple Systems for all your help (particularly Jane and Sally!). 6 people I know have now transferred over to the system as they know how well it has worked for Mouse.