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Alison Saunders

Daniel is 30 yrs old and still enjoys a good canter when we hack out. He had 'symptoms of a stroke' when he was 16, and was very nearly put down. He has arthritis and navicular (though you wouldn't know it), and was on bute for many years. I had trouble with him scouring quite badly for about 5yrs and was desperate to get him off the bute. He's been bute free for 5 yrs, and since he's been on luciebix and total eclipse (just over two years now), we've had no scouring!! He doesn't feel stiff when ridden out and still canters off when he's turned out - that's my boy!!!!!
Sadly, Daniel was put to sleep on 20th Feb 2009 after a short illness, at the amazing age of 34. Alison tells us that he was ridden only 3 weeks previously and even then he was keen to do more than walk. Ed.