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Lisseygan Cruise (Ed)

David Hodgson

I purchased Ed at the beginning of January 2006 with the intention of Eventing him. At the time he was being fed on a mixture of processed feed. He windsucked constantly and often weaved. He tended to be anxious most of the time and was difficult to keep weight on. At the beginning of February I switched him to Simple system feeds giving him Lucie Bix and a mixture of Blue and Red bag Grass Nuts along with the standard supplement with extra linseed and brewers yeast. His weight went up noticeably in a short time and I was able to reduced his volume of feed to around half the amount he was having when fed processed feed. His temperament has changed dramatically. He is considerably more relaxed, his windsucking has reduced by at least 50% and I haven't seen him weave at all since the end of Feb. I will admit to be a little sceptical about whether he would have the energy reserves required to Event (BE) on this feed. Well he ran his first event at the end of April and I no longer have any such concerns. He was still full of running as we passed the finish line and seem very disappointed to have to stop. I think this picture says it all. A picture of health and contentment. There's is no way I would change his feed now