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Perrywinkle Popcorn

Jo Dunnett

I started using simple systems about 4 years ago after a very wise friend told me about it. When I bought Perrywinkle he was a 4 year old, dutch warmblood x clydsdale, he was in great condition, but was suffering from some allergies. After losing a previous big horse at an early age I was determined that I was going to do everything I could to keep perry fit and healthy for as long as I could. With him being nearly 18hh he needed lots of food, but what I was feeding him never seemed to do the job properly. Simple systems has given me the freedom to feed him the right feed, in the right quantity for such a big horse, without turning him in to a raving looney full to the brim with sugar. My horse is dazzerling through being feed on simple systems, and i have also found by putting other horses and ponies, that previously have had many different problems, that by changing their feeds, makes for amazing results.
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