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I've had Paddy for 4 years now and he’s the sort of pony it's hard to keep weight on as he stresses himself over silly things e.g. if I am not the first down the yard to put him out and others pass his stable he will pace around his stable and kick the door. People from my yard advised me to change his feed to simple systems as they had received excellent results with their horses. I was very pleased with the service when I called simple systems as I explained that I didn’t want a calming feed as I prefer a bouncy horse out riding and when competing in xcountry and polocrosse. My problems were solved Paddy was calm in the stable and would no longer kick at the door but he was still very on his toes and fun while riding. also the biggest advantage is that I can feed before and after riding which helps him keep his weight at polocrosse tournaments. I would recommend simple systems to anyone with problem horses. Thank you.
P.S. Anyone interested in Polocrosse contact Martin from the Western Phoenix Polocrosse Club on verhagen01@hotmail.co.uk OR 07985 178315