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Pure Ocean Seaweed

Dried seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum). Naturally concentrated sea minerals in a bio-available & balanced form.

  • Provides natural minerals
  • Supports immune system
  • Source of amino acids & vitamins

Suitable For

  • Horses in hard work
  • Stallions at stud
  • Youngstock
  • Overweight equines
  • Strong hooves


Choosing a clean ocean source ensures purity. The single variety, Ascophyllum nodosum is an ideral species of Seaweed for horses. It concentrates the sea minerals into a bio-available and balanced form. A full compliment of amino acids and vitamins makes seaweed an unrivalled complementary feed. Lower in iodine than kelp. Users have found improved coat, hooves, helps to optimise fertility and resistance to disease. Especially useful for over weights requiring nutrients without excess calories, horses working hard, stallions at stud and youngstock.

Feeding Instructions

Feed 10g per 100kg bodyweight per day. The enclosed scoop holds 20g of Pure Ocean Seaweed.

Advice should be sought before feeding seaweed to in foal mares.


Seaweed meal


All products are natural and seasonal variations can occur, the packaging of each product will detail the typical analysis which is relevant to the batch/cut within the bag. Below are this product’s specification ranges to give an indication of the seasonal variations that can occur for this product.

Specification Ranges

Crude Fat (Oil) % 3-5 %
Crude Ash % 16-24 %
Crude Protein % 5-7 %
Crude Fibre % 4-6 %
Sugar % <1 %
Starch % <1 %

Vitamins & Minerals

We do not add vitamins as they occur naturally within the ingredients, often in their precursor form. Simple System undertakes mineral analysis every two years or when/if the source of the product is changed. Below are the most up to date figures specific to this product.

Major Minerals

Calcium % 1.17
Phosphorus % 0.09
Sodium % 2.97
Potassium % 2.66
Magnesium % 0.74
Chloride % 2.2
Sulphur % 2.03

Minor Minerals

Copper mg/kg 4
Manganese mg/kg 24
Zinc mg/kg 32
Iron mg/kg 314
Selenium mg/kg <0.1

We don't currently have any testimonials specifically about Pure Ocean Seaweed. You can view customers successes with other products on the Testimonials Page.

Perfect Partners to Pure Ocean Seaweed

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