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Garlic Granules - Horse Feed of the Month April 2013

01 April 2013

With spring putting in an appearance at last, the midges will be out in full force and susceptible horse and ponies may start scratching like mad. Unfortunately, allergies cannot be cured but it is possible to avoid some of the worst effects and for a very long time now, many owners have been convinced that he midges are not fans of garlic. It can be worth adding a little of our Garlic Granulesto your horse or ponies feed if this seems to be an issue for them. Use 5g per day for a pony and 10g per day for a horse – you do not need a lot as this dried garlic is very concentrated. 10g is equivalent to about 40g of fresh garlic which is 3 tablespoons or so and would flavour a lot Spaghetti Bolognese! Garlic is a very useful herb and in former times was used as a dressing for wounded soldiers as it stopped infections building up and is alleged to be one of the few things to knock out the MRSA bug! As well as warding off vampires… However, you can have too much of a good thing, so no need to feed it to excess and you may not want to feed it all the time.

Simple System Garlic Granules are 100% pure dried garlic and come in a handy 1 kg pack for just £5. This will last a pony over 6 months and one horse, over 3 months. Those with a lot of horses to care for can buy in bulk as we do a 5 kg pack as well, for £23. That’s good value!

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