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SimplyComplete - Horse Feed of the Month May 2013

01 May 2013

Now the competition season is in full swing, you and your horse may be out and about nearly every week! Packing up the lorry with everything you need, can take up most of the previous day, so anything that makes life a little easier is to be welcomed! If you keep all the essentials in one big box, such as a trunk, that helps, so long as you remember to replace the used up items. Taking lots of different bits of feed and supplements can be a trial, especially if you are away overnight, SimplyComplete may make your life easier! As the name suggests, this a complete feed, based on lucerne and includes Total Eclipse as well. As you will be using it when the horse is working hard and maybe under a bit of stress as well, we have included salt to top up on electrolytes and mint to help keep his guts happy and to make it even tastier.

SimplyComplete is really easy to use. If you usually offer your horse a soaked feed, it will soak up in a few minutes. If he prefers dry food, then just go ahead! Add up the total weight of all his usual feed and feed that much SimplyComplete but as you don’t have turn out at shows and he will be working harder, you will probably want to double up on the usual rations. In warm weather or if he sweats in his work, we recommend that you soak the feed, so you can increase his intake of water. Always have water available.

Like an easy life when it comes to feeding the horse? SimplyComplete is not just for events! Use it whenever you want just to feed the horse and be done! It is intended for horses in medium to hard work, so is fed at the rate of at least 500g per 100kg of horse, so a 500kg riding horse will have a minimum of 2.5 kg per day (about 1.5 standard Stubbs scoops). When the work steps up, this amount can be doubled or even trebled.

There are lots of times when SimplyComplete is useful – why not tell us how you have found on our Facebook page. We’ll be giving away a bag at the end of the month to the most unusual or interesting post!

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