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LucieFibre Cubes & LucieStalks - Horse Feed of the Month June 2013

01 June 2013

Summer has not been in a hurry this year but eventually the grass will come good and our horses will start to fill out and maybe even get a little podgy! You may not want to stop feeding them as there are lots of good reasons for a daily feed even for horses at pasture but may feel the time has come to cut the calories! This is really easy – just switch from your usual Lucie®Nuts or Lucie®Pellets to Lucie®Fibre Cubes. Your horse can still have the same amount of food (happy horse!) but with lower calories (happy you!). These can be soaked if that is what your horse likes, or not, if he prefers crunchy food. Instead of mixing with Green Gold®, mix it with Lucie®Stalks. Same great taste, just lower calories! Still continue with your Total Eclipse as usual, to top up on essential omega 3 and vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Handy tip: If you really feel that your horse does not need an actual feed but you do of course want to carry on with his Total Eclipse, mix his ration of TE with some water and it will work into a ball of dough. It is a bit like making pastry or working water into a bread mix. You can then feed the dough ball in a couple of chunks straight from your hand. Really quick and easy and if there are other horses in the field it will be down the hatch before they have even noticed!

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