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LucieMints - Horse Feed of the Month July 2013

01 July 2013

With the summer well and truly with us, we are all doing more with our horses and when they do well for us, it is nice to reward them! And what better way to do this than with our Lucie®Mints. As with all our feeds, these are free from all additives, cereal and so on. They are suitable for any horse or pony, as they are made from nothing but pure lucerne and herbal peppermint. They are very minty! Here are a few times when you might want to reward your horse:

  • Clicker training or a positive reward in any form of training.
  • When catching your horse from the field – the Lucie®Mints are quite firm and do not fall to bits in your pocket.
  • Boxing.
  • After a schooling session or even during a schooling session.
  • To help distract and reassure a young horse in early stages of training and backing.
  • Just because!
  • A few mixed in with Lucie®Pellets or Lucie®Fibre Cubes in a feeding ball to give an extra tasty treat every now and then and encourage the horse.
  • A little bit of minty can help the medicine go down,

These scrummy treats smell good enough to eat!

Compatible with organic systems and all forms of feeding, GM free, no preservatives or prohibited substances, Vegan Society registered. Check with your practitioner if your horse is receiving homoeopathic treatment.

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