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Total Eclipse - Horse Feed of the Month October 2013

30 September 2013

We are all feeling the pinch these days and it can be difficult balancing the books each month but don’t let your horse’s balancer tip you over the edge! Simple System Total Eclipse is one of the most economical balancers you can buy. It is made entirely from natural, functional ingredients with no fillers, bulkers or binders. Like all Simple System feeds, it is safe for competitions and registered with the Vegan Society.

With many balancers, you need to feed 100g for every 100 kg of horse but with Total Eclipse you only need to use 25g for every 100 kg of horse so a small horse of 400 kg needs only 100 g per day and a bigger horse of 600 kg needs just 150g per day. With a 5 kg pack costing just £23.70 and lasting a small horse over 7 weeks and a bigger horse over a month, it is indeed very good value. The savings are even more with the 15kg pack at £55. This brings the cost per week down to £2.56 for a 400kg horse and £3.85 for a 600kg horse.

Total Eclipse comes as a brown meal, with a natural blend of top quality ingredients forms our ultimate forage balancer. High levels of nutrients in a slow release form ensure that equilibrium is maintained mentally and physically. Total Eclipse can be combined with all feeding systems, but is perfectly suited to a forage based diet.

Just mix it into your horse’s usual feed or if he really does not need very much, mix it with some dampened Lucie®Stalks. You can even mix it with some water to make a dough ball which your horse will eat from your hand – how easy is that?


People who have used Total Eclipse have found that it improves their horses coat, skin and hooves, aids digestion and is non-heating. It is naturally extremely low in sugar and starch so is suitable for horses with metabolic issues.

Prices based on direct sales and suggested retail price. Individual stockists may charge differently.

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