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Blue Bag & Red Bag Grass Pellets - Horse Feeds of the Month - February 2014

01 February 2014

Well, the days are definitely longer and we are finishing work in something resembling daylight which means the horses, too, realise that spring is coming – but it is still winter. Confusing all round and it can make them fidgety and impatient and desperate to get some as yet non-existent spring grass. A good compromise is to use Blue Bag Grass Pellets, in a feeding ball that delivers tasty grass pellets one at a time. These pellets are made from more mature grass, just like summer grazing, so more fibre and a less va-va-voom than spring grass or their equivalent, Red Bag Grass Pellets. If you soak them and mix them in to the usual feed, you can start getting your horse used to grass prior to turn out, so less chance of tummy upsets than if he goes out on the grass with no chance to accustom to it first. If your horse likes chop/chaff type feeds, then you can also start off on grass-munching with our JustGrass. It what it says it – mixed varieties of native type grasses (no heavily fertilised ryegrass for us!) chopped and quickly dried to preserve their natural goodness. Sticking with the grass theme – have you tried our MeadowBrix yet? They were our featured feed last month and proving very popular, too!

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