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Eclipse Recovery - Horse Feed of the Month April 2014

01 April 2014

Sometimes we feel our horses need a little bit of a pick-me-up. It might be that do not react well to vaccinations or get upset guts following worming. Having been in all winter they may have a nagging cough or just seem not quite as fit and healthy as you would like. Eclipse Recovery to the rescue! A course of this can work wonders and seems to help pick up horses that are “one degree under” or feeling the ill effects of having had a virus. If you think your horse is unwell, consult your veterinary surgeon.

Eclipse Recovery is made from fermented wild flower meadow forages with some horseradish. We combine this with linseed and seaweed to complete the profile of a wholesome product, full of the goodness that nature provides. The fermentation is by naturally occurring microbes, the metabolites of which remain, to good effect on immunity.

Eclipse Recovery can be fed to any horse or pony, and is ideal when changes are made to the diet such as switching to forages after grain based feeding or springtime turn out after being in.

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