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MetaSlim - Horse Feed of the Month - June 2014

01 June 2014

We have had a lot of warm, sunny and damp weather which is just the job for getting the grass to grow, but for many horses and ponies, this spells disaster – if they are metabolically compromised in any way, the extra nutrition tips them over the edge into laminitis. Although this is now recognised to be an endocrine problem, in other words, caused by hormones, for those of us with the practical task of looking after these susceptible equines, we know that grass is too often the trigger for an attack. Blood sugar levels can rise, insulin may not work so that goes up, too. Blood tests can also reveal high ACTH levels (that is a hormone).

If you think your horse is unwell or unsound, do consult your vet.

MetaSlim is specifically designed for those challenged by weight or metabolic issues including those affecting their feet. We formulated it co-operation with a leading vet and following very successful trials on his clients’ and other horses, many people have found it very helpful in managing this difficult scenario. Over weight horses may need to be on restricted rations to lose weight and this may include soaked hay, which removes protein as well sugars, so it can be possible that the overall level of this most vital nutrient is too low to maintain good health. MetaSlim has very good levels of protein but is naturally very low in sugar and starch, and of course we never add sugary or starchy ingredients to any of our feeds. It includes all the ingredients of our very popular and effective Total Eclipse, as well as effective levels of herbs & spices.

MetaSlim is easy to feed and palatable. Calculate your horse’s ideal weight, and feed this amount in grams, per day. Divide it between two feeds, mixed with Lucie®Stalks and well dampened if your horse can take a chop, or soaked Lucie®Fibre Cubes if a soft feed is more appropriate. Both these are low calorie, high fibre, low sugar feeds.

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