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SimplyComplete - Horse Feed of the Month - July 2014

01 July 2014

With the summer truly here and holidays looming, never has there been a better time for a really convenient feed! We rate SimplyComplete for just that! All you need in one feed and it includes Total Eclipse as well. The little wee pellets soak up fast and it can be fed just as it is with water on it. It is all you need, in one bag, so perfect for Pony Club Camp or rallies, overnighters at shows and events or just something quick and easy for the horse sitter to do while you are on holiday.

You do not have to mix it with anything other than water, but if you want to make a bigger feed out of, any of our chops will make it last longer – like our LucieStalks or you can mix it with an equal volume of soaked PuraBeet.

SimplyComplete comes in a 20 kg bag. Just add together all the weights of the present feed and balancers and feed that amount of SimplyComplete, add plenty of water and it is ready to go-go! Well, in a very few minutes… You can use it for all types of horses and ponies and it is also suitable for those prone to laminitis. It does have some seaweed in it so you may prefer not to use it for in foal mares.

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