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New Product: Flexi Balance

16 September 2014

Introducing Flexi Balance - our complete forage balancer to complement all horses and ponies, including those whose joints need support.

This is a feed that combines all the qualities of Total Eclipse with our hugely popular Joint Eclipse. Our most popular balancer and our joint supplement in one very effective package has to be a good thing!

Trials have found that horses on Flexi Balance can perform smaller circles in canter, have improved stride length, developing fabulous coats and supple skin and are coping with increased levels of work. Yes, there are lots of balancers out there and plenty of joint supplements too, but how many are actually specifically suitable for horses? How many have no ingredients of animal origin and no soya?

It is also economical - the 10kg pack is around £57.50 and will last a 500kg horse 50 days.

We are suggesting this is an appropriate addition to your horse’s feed when he is getting a bit creaky, the ground is hard, the work intense or you just want to make sure his joints stay as good as possible, for as long as possible. It is suitable for horses prone to laminitis and other metabolic issues.

Use 40g for every 100kg of horse, so for instance, a 500kg horse will need 200g per day, to replace both balancer and joint supplement.

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