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MeadowBrix & Blue Bag Grass Pellets - Horse Feeds of the Month - February 2015

01 February 2015

Nice that the days are getting longer – it tells us spring is on the way, but not quite yet! The grass is not growing and we and our horses are getting fed up with winter. All of our grass products are free from Ryegrass. Here are some of our summer grass feeds to tide and your horse through

MeadowBrix are solid blocks of 100% pure dried grass, which you can offer whole for your horse to gnaw on and pretend that he is grazing. Not only food but environmental enrichment, busting a bit of stable boredom as well!

In a pelleted form we have Blue Bag Grass Pellets – tasty summer grazing of mixed native type grasses, in a bag. Use these how your horse likes them best, be it soaked, well mixed into some dampened chop or maybe in a feeding ball. You know your horse better than we do.

If your horse or pony is one of those who cannot cope with grass, the alternatives are Lucie®Brix and Lucie®Fibre Cubes. Winter is a bore and feels like it lasts for ever, but at least these wonderful, 100% pure, Ryegrass free forages can bring a little cheer in the face of mud and gloom.

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