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Total Eclipse: Horse Feed of the Month - August 2015

12 August 2015

As soon as I had made suggestions for hard ground last month, we were swamped under deluges of rain! The long range forecast does not look a lot better, so it seems as if we have had summer – such is the UK weather!

Our August Horse Feed of the Month needs to be something that will help our horses be wet and weather resistant and that has to be our wonderful Total Eclipse! Sore or scabby skin, mud rash and chapped heels may all be improved when our horses are getting their daily amount of this excellent forage balancer. For those that really don’t need a feed (there are some advantages in wet weather – the grass gets a good pick-me-up!) mix it with some water to make a dough, which you can feed from your hand as a treat. If you want to make a feed, that’s fine – this goes with all our nuts, pellets and chops.

As this balancer is fed at about one quarter the rate of many other balancers, we are not looking at a huge amount – an average horse needs just 125g per day which is less than a mugful. On our 15kg bag this works out at just 48p per day!


Total Eclipse also comes with a measuring pot – if you are not given one by your local stockist, please ask. All online orders will get a measure automatically which you can use for lots of different Simple System feeds.

Don’t forget our Feed Line – we are here to answer any queries you may have and suggest individual feeding plans. Use the online enquiry form or call 01728 604 008 (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm).

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