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Our LuciePellets are now Organic!

26 September 2015

Our registration with the Soil Association in 2014 has enabled us to source and now supply Lucie®Pellets in an organic form. Lucerne for all of our Lucerne products is grown fairly close to organic standards, sourced responsibly from known farmers no matter what, but to have the genuine article as an option for our customers can only be a bonus.

Organic Lucie®Pellets will be filtering through our distribution systems. If you currently use our Lucie®Pellets no need to ask for anything different. The Organic Lucie®Pellets remain at the same price and same 6mm pellet presentation. Use them exactly the same way as your previous Lucie®Pellets, with soaking until free from lumps being the advisable way to feed.

Going forward we hope to source more and more organic products, to date we have the following:

  • Organic Cider Vinegar – Organic Apple Cider vinegar, proven over time in a wide range of situations - used internally and externally to great effect.
  • Pure Organic Seaweed – Dried seaweed (Ascophylum nodosum). Naturally concentrated sea minerals in a bio-available & balanced form.
  • Salt Lick Tub is approved for use within Organic systems - A salt lick in a flexible tub for all horses & ponies, providing sodium & a top up of magnesium.

The introduction comes at prominent time, as September is officially ‘Organic September’.


Why buy organic food? The advantages and benefits of choosing organic...

Nutritional differences in organic
New research shows significant differences in anti-oxidant levels between organic and non-organic crops

Food you can trust
You can be safe in the knowledge that hydrogenated fats and controversial additives like aspartame, tartrazine and MSG are banned under organic standards.

Better for the environment
Organic farming reduces pollution and greenhouse gases released from food production by restricting the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Wildlife protection
Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterflies. In fact, plant, insect and bird life is up to 50% greater on organic farms.

A GM free diet
GM crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards. Choosing organic is an effective way to avoid GM in your horse's diet.

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