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Introducing HayCare

18 November 2015

Introducing one of our best selling horse feeds, HayCare. A quick soaking hay replacer for horses who struggle to chew hay. 

Low in sugar, low in starch and high in fibre, HayCare is suitable as a hay replacer for older horses, those with poor dentition, laminitic horses and those prone to metabolic issues. HayCare is also frequently trusted by vets for use post colic, post surgery and post dental work.

HayCare is...

  • Hay replacer pellets made from 100% Timothy grass.
  • Fed as a soaked mash making HayCare easy to eat for horses with worn teeth.
  • Useful for dust-sensitive and allergy prone horses.
  • Highly palatable and suitable for fussy feeders.
  • Free from soya, straw, molasses, cereals / by products, and is GM free.


How to feed HayCare...

  • Feed HayCare in the same dry weight quantity as you would hay. As an approximate guide, one Stubbs scoop of HayCare (before it has been soaked) is equivalent to feeding one slice of hay from a standard small square bale. 
  • Use a large tub; dividing the HayCare between two or more tubs in different places enables the horse to develop a grazing pattern, either in the stable or out in the field.
  • Feed as a hay replacement mash by adding 2.5 times its volume of water. Allow enough time for the water to be absorbed. HayCare is a quick soaking horse feed. You can quicken soaking further by using warm water instead of cold. Add 3 times the water if a wet feed is required.
  • Soak as required and use within 12 hours.
  • At first your horse may be very hungry and eat continuously, especially if they have not had food they can easily eat. With time and as they become accustomed to the new food, they should eat more slowly and take breaks, as they would with hay.
  • Feed as required. Try to avoid gaps of 2 hours with the horse not eating and certainly no longer than 4 hours.
  • HayCare replaces hay or haylage . Offer your usual complementary feeds as well.


If you would like to discuss feeding HayCare, or any other feeds from the Simple System range, our Feed Line nutrition team will be happy to help. You can speak with our advisors on 01728 604 008, email info@simplesystem.co.uk or complete our online form.

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