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Instant Linseed - Horse Feed of the Month February 2016

01 February 2016

At the end of the winter our horses’ coats are beginning to look a bit rough. This can be easily fixed with Instant Linseed. The high oil levels will help to put a shine on any rough coat but more importantly, around half that oil is essential Omega 3 which has countless benefits to all who consume it. When it comes to coat change, your horse may change coat quicker and the summer coat will come through with a shine that you will delight you!

Our Instant Linseed is all British grown from farmers we know and trust and is subject to strict quality control measures, including adherence to the BETA NOPS protocol concerning prohibited substances. Use 20g of Instant Linseed per day for every 100kg that your horse weighs but if you need to build condition as well, you can feed up to 4 times this much, but build up slowly.

Contact our Feed Line for further suggestions for feeding your horse at this time of year.

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