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Save money with Simple System Ltd

06 March 2009

Pelleted feeds are nearly always more economical than other forms; chopped feeds are the most expensive. Much of this difference is due to transport costs, as it is possible to get up to 4 times the weight of pelleted food on a lorry as chopped feed.

Additional processing adds costs, too, so go for the least processed food.

Here are some suggestions to save some money with Simple System Ltd:

  • LucieCobs work out at 56p per Kg whereas Green Gold is 77p per kg. You need to soak the LucieCobs though.
  • LucieNuts are 48p per Kg, so even more economical.  The fine mash is easier for older horses to eat than the chop of LucieCobs or Green Gold.
  • PuraBeet may take a few hours more to soak, but at 40p per Kg is around 20% more economical than faster soaking brands and gives a greater volume of soaked feed.
  • Total Eclipse costs only 39p per day for an average 500 kg riding horse and is around half the cost to feed as most other balancers.
  • If your horse just needs a top up feed, then you need something full of nutrients as well being economical, so consider TickOver which is a new feed used in relatively small amounts – a 500 kg horse needs 500 g per day and this will cost only 40p.
  • Check out your supplements – you may be using some that are not really needed, or doubling up on others. Most horses on a balanced diet do not need supplementing.
  • On Simple System Ltd feeds you can “target feed” so on days the horse is not working, you can cut back and on work days, increase the feed. Keep up the balancer, though.
  • Simple System Ltd Pure Garlic Granules are very strong so you do not need to feed so much and at £3.40 a Kg represent exceptional value for money.
  • All horses need salt and our Pure Salt Lick Bucket is a whacking 10 kg of salt for only 9.70. And it is Organic!
  • When your horse needs a high energy performance feed, Red Bag Grass Pellets offer high levels of nutrients and energy but at £9.50 are far less money than most competition feeds, with none of the worries of using a high starch feed.
  • If you need any suggestions on your horse’s feeding, do contact our helpline, where our friendly, helpful advisors can make some useful suggestions for you. They are all horse owners, too, so know what is involved!

Saving money need not mean reducing quality in any way, but may involve just a little more planning, for instance putting feeds on to soak in advance. Surely a small price to pay for some decent savings!

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